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Guest Blog: All About The Kinsky Horse Breed

The Kinsky Horse is one of the most renowned horse breeds in the Czech Republic

Representing a living treasure and cultural value as the breed history dates back to the 13th century. The purpose of the breed was to create a good quality fox hunting horse, however, this breed later evolved into a skilled cross-country horse. Kinsky horses are classed as noble warmbloods, but with some Thoroughbred influence.

As the founding site of the breed stallion Caesar, son of Themby II, known for his stamina and hardiness was born to the Thoroughbred Prince Djalma. So the breed was also nicknamed half-blood, (due to the significant share of Thoroughbred blood along with the baroque horses). Furthering this well-rounded breed as they are blessed with balanced movement and good jumping skills! 

Another famous member of the Kinsky family is Prince Karel Kinsky who won the Grand National in Liverpool back in 1883 on the mare Zoedone. However, in 1948, the Kinsky breed was forced into a decline, either due to their bloodlines being diluted or through being sold. This threatened the breed with potential extinction. Whilst the breed was saved, numbers remain low, even today. Classing the Kinsky as a very rare breed, with only a couple hundred horses currently recorded. 

The Kinsky horse is set to be appropriately between 15.3 and 16.3 hands high at the withers. Featuring a dry, noble head with a prominent eye. The purpose being to create a sport/ recreation horse with excellent character, ease of riding and good movement mechanics. The breed standard requires yellow and fair colour to prevail. Including, palominos (with gold-yellow coat with a white mane and tail) and buckskins (tan coat with black mane, tail and black lower legs). There are also chestnuts, bay/ brown horses, cremello.  Another Kinsky requirement is the naming rule, where foals from mothers registered in the main studbook and studbook in palomino and buckskin colour should include the name Kinsky. Thus explaining Delila’s name as she is a registered breed with Kinsky blood as so is named Kinsky Delila! 

Delila is a very special Kinsky- especially to me, and is loved by all who meet her. She is extremely friendly and loveable with a huge character! I always say- if you had a pocket big enough, she would climb into it and come home with you! Delila is extremely trainable and always willing to please. With such a comfortable and effortless ride, she just oozes quality. Due to the rarity of the breed, I would love to increase the awareness of this particular breed. Especially within the equestrian community, as many people have never heard of them. I believe the breed definitely deserves more recognition and feel that every equestrian needs to meet a Kinsky at least once in their life!


  1. Christine Ball

    I have 2 Kinskys. They are fantastic horses. Not much fazes them and very trainable. Can’t recommend them highly enough.

  2. Lucy Dunthorne

    I am now buying a kinsky foal. I can not wait to get started with him ?.

  3. Anne Everson

    We have Kinsky Damien. A real gem and so willing to please. Interesting information about the breed ?

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